Managers and Staff Together Can Succeed

We must not dream of a heavenly society in which all conflicts have been resolved. Accept that there will always be conflicts, and even have to accept that you can not remove the disgrace. I would say, even as we are happier we are also more vulnerable to disaster. Edgard Morin A good management knows how relevant it is to maintain a good integration with your staff, again, when the human resource is an intangible capital must be fully identified with him that staff recognize the qualities, characteristics of its management and this ready to provide all necessary assistance towards achieving the result that has been proposed to achieve. Unfortunately, many managers have not been imbued with his staff have given their preference to individuals, rather than to the cohesion of teams, to motivate them towards the manifestation of creativity, innovation can arise from personal the business under their charge.

The changes that have taken place today in organizations business, characterized by a structure defined on a flat trend scheme, dynamic and more flexible, make it necessary for a redistribution of power, authority and responsibilities among members of an organization, all this involves implementing a new approach to handle power and especially its use. In this sense, a human manager not to over power, not arrogant, attitude that helps you easily manage security and inspire their subordinates. Nor forget that progress is due largely to the cooperation of all persons who work in your business. According to Federal Reserve Bank, who has experience with these questions. It can therefore be noted that the manager with a mentality formed on these changes acts valuing and respecting their team, which is expressed with the following: Related to the motivation generates positive motivation, which is the kind of motivation to decrease anxiety of the individual, offering something of value to this, he fills a need or desire to develop professionally to help those around him by recognizing the merits and, if necessary gently pointing out the errors and how to correct them.

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