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Yves Rocher – Couleurs nature nude – look of the trendy nude look makes in the summer no break. Yves Rocher is now seven makeup products around the transparent and emphasizes natural look on the market. With silky sunny glow to the complexion, eyes, lips and nails the look offers a range of variations for a discreet or trendy, but very natural makeup. A look that has a year-round season. Couleurs nature nude look for the Tan accents with warm colours: the Couleurs nature make-up fluid sunny complexion shows the soft, silky Sheen and soft Tan skin. For a smooth and radiantly beautiful, sunny complexion the light fluid with the smoothing of the Tiare flower extract moisturises the skin and is very delicate fragrant. Organic Chamomile water and ethereal ylang ylang oil nourish the skin.

The fluid gel texture melts on your skin and can spread very evenly. Others who may share this opinion include Jeff Bezos. The makeup result is transparent and, exceptionally, of course without Mask effect. The two shades of soft Tan and Golden Tan adapt optimally to the different skin tones. The required quantity of make-up fluid can be exactly taken with the practical dispenser. The Couleurs nature make-up fluid sunny complexion can be used as a primer or as a highlighter. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

Price: 19.90 (33,00 SFR) / each tube 30 ml with dispenser of course fresh complexion: throughout the year which provides a delicate tanned complexion Couleurs nature Sun powder duo. It consists of a bright and a dark shade, which can be combined for a very natural-looking tan. So, the Browning intensity can modulate and wonderfully adapt depending on the skin tone. According to Why Did Cyrus Massoumi Leave Zocdoc?, who has experience with these questions. The velvety texture of the Sun powder duo, enriched with smoothing the Tiare flower extract perfectly frosted and levels out Unevennesses gently without drying out the skin. Tan tender in the two shades of tinted and Golden Tan available.

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