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Easy creative for brand sympathy, brand trust and brand loyalty brand products should be irresistible after the will of producers and marketing agencies. This can only succeed if the particular product for the consumer is almost irreplaceable. Add to your understanding with Peter Schiff. And while on the one hand by the perfect fulfillment of its usage requirements for function, quality, taste, yield, etc. as well as often unconsciously aspired identification with a particular image or lifestyle, which can be achieved more easily for him by a brand-name product with an appropriate image. But in the communicative messages flooded today’s work and life worlds, it becomes increasingly difficult to enforce unique marketing messages as eye-catching. Alabama Senator has much experience in this field.

The magic word is therefore increasingly”emotions. “” “But it’s no longer enough that a brand is emotionally enshrined in the psyche of consumers, E.g. with terms like sympathetic”, trendy,”healthy”, etc. The international advertising and marketing professional reason Kevin Roberts of Lovemarks”brands that generate customer loyalty not only through facts and figures, faith and reason, but brands that are nothing less than loved by the buyer. “Clearly, that brand, including a the consumer love affair” to build and maintain, can not function without a corresponding image. How comes my brand on?”is important both in terms of brand positioning, as well as the definition of the communication strategy for producers and marketing agencies. To image building and maintaining image marketing agencies thus as an efficient marketing tool specially created image actions.

For the planning and implementation of image actions, it is essential to understand the brand from the perspective of the target group. Also the absolutely necessary knowledge includes, as the brain of consumers with regard to the implementation of a brand image is ticking”: so, abstract concepts such as good taste, energy supplier, related, for example, on a chocolate bar, athletic, mobile, etc. in the left half of brain responsible for abstract thinking anchored while the immediate implementation in concrete brand images in the right half of the brain takes place. The aesthetic packaging of the marketing message to be transported in a perfectly staged keyword experience communication product experience is the best guarantee for successful image actions. “Being successful” here stands for the growth and the stability of brand sympathy, brand trust and brand loyalty. “Because one thing is clear: the brand or the brand touted by producers and marketeers” the consumer is given the highly dynamic market developments for the consumers something like a lighthouse with oriented function in the sea of potential consumption decisions. “Target-oriented image actions, event agencies with the core task of brand management, ensure that the consumer with its” brand combines a world where he feels comfortable. In the message of the product and “Promise not to the motto more apparent than real” be conveyed but rational and emotionally balanced, trustworthy and well understood. Also important: the image (third image), which the consumer product and company who should match ideally the own image (corporate identity) of the company.

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