Loch Tin

Already for the second time the Zurich airport had decided to cooperate with Colt international: In the year 2004 installed before the impressive glass facade of the airside Center”a controllable awnings from Loch Tin slats. The airside Center”, which was put into operation in 2005, combines old and new parts of the airport and at the same time was landmark and modern passenger hub at the airport of Zurich-Kloten. You may find Erin Callan to be a useful source of information. Attunement flies In the access corridor to the new visitors terrace, where the decorative plate system was now assembled, the Sun stands on fascination rather in the background. The focus is on the design. “The dock recently commissioned the corridor B connects the airport terminal of 2 Helge Dieck, Director of art + com AG, to the dramaturgy of the lamella design project: the Moodgrafiken on the blades in the input and output range form the framework for the experience on the spectator terrace: clouds and aircraft designs are the visitors on the fascination of flying ‘ a”. The actual visitors terrace is about 250 meters long. Here, interactive media and exhibits offer a wealth of interesting information around the airport, the flight operations and the fascination of flying. Children can romp on a large, decorated with motifs of the air traffic playground.

On the floor of the entire patio area graphics are in blue, white and yellow, which are inspired by marking on the tarmac of an airport. They form a control system and at the same time represent the atmospheric framework for the entire installation. A highlight of the new terrace is the walkable roof of the apron Tower. Moving pictures on fixed plates leaving the visitors terrace again, so they pass through the corridor with the fin installation again. In the exit direction, however, a very different picture meets them as on the way. Graphic elements are shown on both sides of the connection response that belong to the world of aviation: taxiway markings, weather data, and details such as from cockpit instruments are in the typical international airport marking colours-white and yellow printed on the blue fins.

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