Lieutenant General Alexander Lebed

56 Although, of course, this attempt was only to issue a warning, it became clear that in the post Soviet-era regional leaders have access to nuclear materials. In 1996, during a short period, Lieutenant General Alexander Lebed was Boris Yeltsin Council.f Secretary of Homeland Security? Since I was one of its responsibilities for nuclear safety, ordered a check of the 132 "suitcase nukes", which assumes that stock. Despite an intensive search, you can find only 48. The remaining 84 were nuclear absent. 58 Since no one knows where it is possible that it could have found its way into the hands of organized crime, waiting for the best deal. (Cockburn, 1997, p.251) Unfortunately, nuclear smuggling is not the only area in which there is evidence that even the highest levels of Russian forces are involved in illegal trade ofWMD technology.

Although the charges were dropped against General Anatoly Kuntsevich, a senior official in charge of Russia in the dismantling chemical weapons stockpiles were common knowledge that was the sale of technology to binary nerve gas weapons to Syria. Nordex Corporation Founded in December 1989 in Vienna by Grigori Loutchansky, Nordex is a fictitious business created in the last years of the Soviet Union to generate foreign currency for the KGB. In the last decade, Nordex spread worldwide, with offices in New York to Hong Kong. In Moscow, and collaboration have emerged, including 'Glavsnab', a city-owned enterprises, and the two transport companies, Intourtrans 'and' Intourservice. " Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin personally issued orders Nordex allows you to export raw materials materials.s? Yuri Luzhkov, who is often marketed as a successor to President Yeltsin, also enjoy a profitable relationship with Nordex.

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