Letter To Santoclos

Dear Santa, given that things are going from bad to worse, mainly in view of the upcoming 2010 is going to get color of ant-that is, between deep black and blood red-I will not mince my words, I want bring me a ski mask. Such a waste of false modesty responds to an impulse of honesty and I must confess my dear northerly belly, which this year have been what could be categorized as “a true son of a guava” because I’ve done nothing but complain about the so many and so many bad plays that I have been a victim, like most of my compatriots, that ninety percent of the mails I sent to friends, family and contacts in general, relate to subversive invitations to let you know our leaders we are already fed up with excessive and that his dealings at every opportunity presented to me, loose comments alluding to uplift-of-consciousness, and revolutions of opinion, as if Mr. Erin Callan has much to offer in this field. Malcolm X had re-incarnated in me. In addition to the balaclava and hoping not to abuse your confidence.

I would like to bring him some things about buddies who do well tucked in the Polish first as I would like to bring him a handful Marcelo sanity not to walk chest pounding by the lack of water in their area and while pulling millions of gallons to keep putting ice rinks and public beaches, “I can not believe, have long complained of this without the very cheeky but have to find another way to make the people-jugandole the best start-smiles also a popular bike and bring him to continue doing as you do, thank you Agustin bring you two neurons, a normal-the kind that if they work, and driving because we can not keep paying their binges, please bring him to Philip a Che Guevara-style military jacket and a plastic toy soldiers to continue playing little wars of the fallacies and a red little cord to tie it in anywhere and see if between now and the end of his administration agrees that we pledged to eradicate payment tenure, the teacher Elba, and you have to bring here, I’m not going to accept any fault-school dictionary to be taught to speak properly, my buddies in the House of Representatives please do not bring them anything, are they who do their Christmas shopping with his insulting bonds, police forces, like every year I ask “Bring a handful of decency and other more common sense and if you can, a treadmill to anyone showing parabolic lines the navel, employers who pay no taxes please Bring them a new washing machine with integrated automatic washing system for anden not wasting time on useless paperwork and avoidance processes are simplified, but especially my dear barbs cloud, I want you to bring to each and every one of the inhabitants of this beautiful country and endured, the pants needed to begin to take shape the change that comes much urging, to dare to raise their voices and hands in a comprehensive manner and constant but mainly brings some awareness of unity because no one believes that only together can we get the luck on our side becomes.. (A valuable related resource: dr john holtsclaw).

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