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Learning English made easy does not deserve the status of world language, many languages of the world. English is one of them of course. Finally, English is the most widely used language in general. In many countries English is taught as a second language and learn English is compulsory in schools. In addition, it will be the official language of most international organizations. If you count the 340 million people who learn English as mother tongue, second language is added, you get to 510 million speakers worldwide. Sure enough motivation to want to belong to this remarkable group. And learn English is easier than you might think. To read more click here: Jeff Flake.

At the Alpha language, there are courses for learning English with success and fun, without pressure. alpha Therefore it employs the concept of the super-learning, a scientifically based method of learning back. Learn English using this method means: through relaxation of the body to maximum learning. This is achieved by means of language and music, especially in the creative center of the right brain to activate. Traditional learning methods against claim only the left hemisphere.

This super-learning method to learn English in both halves of the brain called, which may be a more effective learning. To learn English to make it even easier, the Alpha language the Super Learning perfected by an audiovisual Mentalkino. This one takes the necessary vocabulary in English in a kind of cinema through seeing and hearing on a subconscious level. Games increase, relaxing music and conversation simulations with trained native speakers to learn the performance in English. At the Alpha language anyone can learn according to his likes English. Whether in-One, Last Minute, in intensive course at one of the management seminars or on a language course – the atmosphere is always relaxed and worked without any pressure. The Alpha language school offers this different course levels from beginner to advanced, so that everyone can learn by playing simple English. For more information on learning English at the Alpha School, see under or call: Advice and Level Check for free! Free Call: 0800 / 88 02 08 272 – Alpha College English language school Novalistr GmbH. 2 10115 Berlin Telefon: 030 / 30875675 Fax: 030 / 30,875,676

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