Today, and since weather is good, the world cries out for the emergence of new leaders. It gives the impression that no longer ‘do them’ as before. They are rare, and when they appear do not cover the expectations we place on them. We live waiting for leaders who saved us, praying for the advent of superheroes, gifted, Titans to take upon themselves, such as Atlas, the world and our problems. When we speak of leaders we tend to do it as if it were of Supreme beings of supernatural creatures that are able to bewitch the masses and spread among all feats.

We have even more, tuned to the point our demands ‘quality standards’ that we claim for emerging leaders are elevated almost to the speed with which microprocessors and mobile phones evolve. Today, nobody serves. Today, no one dares. Leaders do not need to be heroes. Actually, it is so wrong to associate leadership with heroism as to assume that it is a gift to elected. This vision limited and limiting leadership mutilates the initiative of many to erect as leaders, despite having ample conditions to do so. Most simply desist to notice that he has not come to the world or with a Herculean musculature or with supernatural powers to fulfill what the people expected of a leader.

The exercise of leadership has nothing to do with moving large masses of people, with the word or brute force. It is true that people who develop the collective leadership are needed, but it is also true that at our disposal is the possibility to activate small leaderships in the people surrounding us and, more importantly, in ourselves. Leader is a person who manages that someone ‘moves’ to do something that we want to do and she does it from his free will and willingly, wanting. It has nothing to do with ‘moving’ to many people and all the time, it has to do with moving even if it is a person and for a few moments. And it is that leadership is a phenomenon that is not reserved for a few. Do not. It is a phenomenon that we all exercise frequently and at times. You have not you can be leading all the time. The leadership lives at times. When we accept this truth we will be giving us permission to live more fully those small moments of leadership and, little by little, almost without realizing it, we are living more and more moments of leadership. Leaders not only born, also are made. Simply making the decision and dare to influence and enthuse others. It will surprise us then to see that certainly there are leaders on all sides.

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