Latin America

Then at this time, not without tripping and slipping. Latin America has been progressing, although, as I said the verse of Cesar Vallejo, there are still brothers a lot that do suffer fewer dictatorships than yesteryear, only Cuba and its candidate to endorse it, Venezuela, and some pseudo populist, clowns, democracies like those of Bolivia and Nicaragua wise words of Mario Vargas Llosa when he says that love in all its manifestations can be compulsory. For some suddenly it can sound them shocking when this refers to the homeland, but it is so. The love of the country in which one is born cannot be mandatory, but, like any other love, a movement spontaneous heart, such as which unites lovers, parents and children, friends among themselves. I took it to the Peru in the bowels because in the I was born, grew up, I trained and I lived those experiences of childhood and youth which shaped my personality, forged my vocation, and because there I loved, hated, enjoyed, I suffered and I dreamed I think we should be conscious of our insignificance intellectual, if we want to criticize any attitude of Mario Vargas Llosa. I think that which at the time was called traitor to Mario, were journalists who were parametrados with the totalitarian Government of those days. Some compatriots accused me of traitor and I was about to lose citizenship when, during the last dictatorship, I asked the democratic Governments of the world that punished the regime with diplomatic and economic sanctions as I’ve always done with all the dictatorships. and would it do tomorrow if fate forbid and Peruvians do not permit the Peru outside victim once more than one coup that would annihilate our fragile democracy. This was not the action hasty and passionate of a resentful, as wrote some writers accustomed to judging others from his own littleness the analysis of developments should done in a way deep and open, in order to be objective in our appreciations.

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