Latin America

Not only the commercial theme is relevant; the immigration issue is another matter that makes Latin Americans (and especially Mexicans), continue with attention what is happening in the United States.UU. In this regard, Obama promised to ensure a proposal for immigration reform in the first year (of his Administration). McCain is also committed to comprehensive immigration reform. In an article for the website CNN Expansion, reflected the thinking of McCain on the matter: we will address immigration reform and the next day of my inauguration I urgire him to Congress that considers it. The energy issue is a matter that expressed your opinion Obama: want to join countries such as Brazil to search for more clean energy forms.

Another issue that concerns both candidates is the theme of drug trafficking: both recognize the efforts made by Mexico and Colombia in the fight against drug trafficking that are taking place and promise to continue supporting them. This is an issue of utmost importance for both Latin American countries in its challenge to ensure a context of sustainable growth. I’m not sure how much of what these candidates are promising about the relationship between us.UU. and Latin America go to comply, but what is clear is that the us.UU. they know that they cannot return to neglecting the region, since the risks are many. But not only us.UU. You should make a greater relationship with Latin America to prevent the advance of the Chavez and Evo Morales, but increasing trade relations for the growth and development of the region.

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