Language Use

We can see that sometimes phrases take on a different connotations depending on the situation. Here, the value becomes the means and meaning is purpose. It should be understood that the language we use is not at the level of value, but at the level of meaning. After going out on the street and began to enumerate all rechetativom, what you see around you, like: “That tree grows. It is great. The sky is blue.

Nearby runs a cat. The cat is gray. “You’ll look in the eyes of more than a little odd, but if you have already noticed, it is a language and written textbooks. (Incidentally, there is nothing surprising that the text read interesting, is not it?) Thus the first and important advice we want to give you – the spoken language has to learn to communicate situational, and even better in role-playing games, whereas, based on reading and listening comprehension (retelling), should be based on the interesting semantic code, which you would like and interesting read. The second aspect that the study of language can be an unpleasant surprise you. You learn, for example, language, free to read it easily and without hesitation, translating read in Russian. But here’s an unpleasant situation, including radio, or watch a movie in a language that seemed to have learned, and – nothing understand. Or brought a conversation with a native language of the learned, but can not say anything. “What’s happening?” – You ask.

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