Lactose Intolerance

Abdominal pain are among the most common ailments of childhood. The usually bloating or otherwise on the three-month colic causes in infants. The three-month colic are not caused by error in dealing with the baby. You are not a disease but a condition. Infant colic often occur after meals, and characterized by, that the baby repeatedly pulls the legs on the belly and back stretches at the screaming.

The causes of the three-month colic are explored for about 40 years. Some of the results of the scientific observations are probably: an increased air swallowing while drinking. An increased gas formation in the baby’s immature intestinal tract. Cow’s milk intolerance, since the enzyme for the breakdown of milk sugar often still not work properly in the first weeks after birth. Taking drugs against intestinal is recommended in addition to the tried and tested measures, such as abdominal massage and a warm wrap, to mitigate the history of infant colic. Can a detected lactose intolerant baby after appropriate preparations against infant colic, however complicate the search. The young Berlin company mammoth Pharma GmbH has provided entirely at the service of mother and infant medicine. It is a concern, to establish child-friendly products with easy-to-understand leaflets, as well as an easy symbolism, the CEO of Reiner Christensen.

The products are manufactured without alcohol, sugar and lactose. A practical dosing aid was considered also, so that always the same amount can be administered quickly and easily. Just when the child’s organism, it is necessary to dose, to prevent any dangerous excess or lower doses,”says Mr Christensen. The product of mammoth-San against three-month colic in babies have been produced in this sense.

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