Laboratory Corporation TriCell

Shoot everything that moves and at the same time manage to pop the buttons to press. Firing with two trunks in the middle of the heap zombakov Intrigue is absolutely no. Seeing the heat wave, once it becomes clear that now is the first boss, which we burn. Recently Euro Pacific Precious Metals sought to clarify these questions. Wasting ammo is optional. The second boss, who came straight here from the fourth resident, also does not add optimism.

Pleased that for the killing of the block are two heavy machine guns, not knives. Realism, however. Shooting zombies on motorcycles drive happy, but sad story nonsense. It is hard to imagine the crowd zombakov, chasing you on motorcycles. By the way, where they have so many motorcycles on the poorest continent of Africa? If the first resident of zombies barely walk, then learned how to manage the fifth motorcycles Thank God that after the first chapter of the situation began to improve gradually, and then I was going to get the disc from the console, and never again there will not shove it. Boring city locations are replaced by marshy terrain swarming with crocodiles.

Some time later, gaze presents an amazing ancient city, hidden inside a cave. When a player enters the underground Laboratory Corporation TriCell, the invisible spirit of this Resident revives again. I confess, by the middle of the game, I was fascinated by it (not knowing that it's already the middle). It was very pleasant to meet old friends – and Lizunov flies – in the new graphical design.

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