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LAT GmbH offers innovative solution for rough environment conditions Ingolstadt, August 26, 2009 – an innovation in the field of standardized inspection stickers from LAT GmbH: labels for industrial use under harsh environmental conditions in different colour combinations can be made now. Wondering what because the difference to conventional printed labels, the CEO responds to the LAT GmbH, Mr. Strisch as follows: “the most fundamental difference is the art of applying the label. The information on the label material be placed on all types of printed labels. For the labels of our information are inserted into the label material.

The basic material is lower layer white and the top layer from a spilled two film, as an example black. The industrial laser is now the top layer “engraved”; i.e. the information is introduced into the material and will appear in the selected sample in the color white. An abrasion of the font is not possible. In addition, an acrylate adhesive labels are provided for difficult substrates. Thus, an innovative industrial product arises from the interaction of high-quality base material and industrial laser marking -.

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