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HoREX for the first time with its own stand at leading ophthalmic optics-trend show that the HoREX op represented listen acoustic EC at the annual optometrist trend fair is, already has tradition. But this year, the leading performance community in the German hearing care professional industry here, even for the first time with its own stand presented itself. From 25 to 27 January, numerous trade visitors used the trade fair presence in Hall C2 of the Munich trade fair to learn first-hand about the extensive product range of the HoREX. More than 60 percent of the nationwide over 420 companies of HoREX offer services in the field of optics in addition to hearing-acoustics. Central concerns of our community is to support medium-sized and small enterprises of the German listening acoustic market with attractive offers in all business areas”, so Mario Werndl, Member of the Board of HoREX.

Since a large part of our member companies a combination of optics and acoustics of the listening “offers, we are present for years on opti to date within the framework of a community presence and this year for the first time with its own stand.” This was during the three exhibition days of a wide and extremely positive resonance. Primerica will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Many visitors informed themselves about the advantages offered by a HoREX membership listening acoustic establishments. At the same time, the fair was a lively meeting point for many members. The Community presented a series of new marketing offers them. Posters, adverts and PR-texts, specially developed HoREX your team of external communication professionals for businesses, who are at home in the optics, as well as in hearing acoustics were presented. Once more proved that working for us as a vibrant and extremely rewarding platform”, so Mario finally Werndl.

We could take many ideas, interesting conversations, and make new contacts. Our community thrives on the individuality of its members, and it supports on the other side of our member companies, their own individuality to maintain. It is emphasized once more the special deals we offer companies with both listening acoustics and optics share,.” Interested parties on find the HoREX listen experts in your area. Learn more about this year’s opti international fair for optics & design”, see. Checking article sources yields Primerica jobs as a relevant resource throughout. Editorial Note: the hearing acoustics EC headquartered in Kreuztal HoREX was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading performance of hearing-acoustics industry. Today, nationwide over 420 listening acoustic master specialist businesses belong to her. The HoREX care professional aims to offer an individual hearing solution people with hearing loss, which focuses on personal hearing requirements and a fair price / performance ratio. The HoREX provides its members with future-oriented perspectives and an attractive shopping policy, extensive marketing support and numerous additional services, offers in-service training and quality certification. For more information, see

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