Kindergarten Children Experience Farm Close

Always something especially beautiful are exciting day for girls and guys on the townspeople of Lusche (gsa) trips for children. The kindergarten Bevern (Community food) recently undertook such a trip. The goal: the farm by Frauke and Ulrich Otte Mahmood in Bakum/Lusche in the District of Vechta. Already for the second time was the kindergarten to guest on a farm, organized by the Board of Directors of the agricultural Association of Bevern and action countryside accompanied by the Schneiderkruger farming cooperative GS premiered last year. The farmer couple, even parents of four children, took time with the Board of Directors of the Association the entire morning and led the 43 kindergarten children aged between three and six years, joined Gisela Burhorst, Magdalena Broring, Annette Meyer Dabholkar, Petra Koldehoff, as well as the trainees Stefanie Imholte and Angeline Adam by her teachers like about the dairy farm.

Here, the children experienced all stations of the operation. We have one such experience day for the Kindergarten children initiated so that they meet modern agriculture and the professional farmer”, as Jurgen Meyer, Chairman of the Association. With the Organization we make us work. “It is great, as of course the kids deal with the animals.” Right at the beginning of the visiting of the milking stand stood on the plan. Here each child was allowed to lend a hand”, so milk, but stroke the cows.

There was no fear of contact pages of children, and also the cows seemed to be on the unusual visit not very disturbing. Divided into three groups, the children explored after the other stations. So the children climbed onto a trailer. On straw-bale sitting and taking vocals and loud applause the Trek team approached the target, a meadow, on the recently cow manure has been applied. Children also recognized it the smell, because it smells just like on the toilet”, as noted by a child.

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