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I can guarantee you to keep these ideas in mind, could be very beneficial to your business, when you use articles in your website. Carl Icahn pursues this goal as well. The words and key phrases experts say it: an article should always focus on words and key phrases. Everytime a visitor arrives at a web site, is not, necessarily, browsing by chance, in general, are looking for something specific. If so, this sailor, usually, you will use key words to search for your interest (a mark, a profession, a profession, benefits of any product, etc.) These keywords will always involve what you wish to find. Therefore, it is important that your article or your articles contain keywords related to your web site. If it’s a website related consultancy accounting, for example, articles must be treated on that topic. There are many tools that help administrators of web sites to find out what key words more in internet relevant to different areas or niches.

One of these tools is Google’s KeyWord Tool. The keyword density once you have identified the words and key phrases is necessary to make use of them. The number of times that these words and key phrases are used is that determines what is known as density. An article must have a good density to find the search engines (search engines). Considers that an article must have a density of, at least, between 10 and 15 per cent within its content, so that the motors can give you a good ranking in search results. It should be noted that, precisely in this lies the effectiveness of articles on a web site, in an high ranking. Summing up, the density is the number of times that a word or key phrase appears in an article, where the number of times depends on the number of words containing the article. For technical reasons, there must be a balance in the number of times that the word or phrase appears in the text.

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