Keys To Success

Entrepreneur Hello, I hope you’re fine! The keys to success in my opinion are: 1. Learn and act on facts, not opinions or guesses. 2. Knowing who else works is not the most wins. Who else leverages your effort will always win more. If every time you get up early to survive only going to punish your body and die younger.

3. Organize and have a fixed goal and CLARA REAL. 4. Concentration. 5. Spending restraint.

Lease NO WASTE. SURFACE not buy things until you have the possibility of not having a REAL economic maladjustment to them. 6. Having multiple sources of passive income. 7. Learn from people who know, education with organized action takes you to success. 8. Do not give up. 9. Stop telling your hardships and problems for people. Just Tell someone who can help or offer advice based on action wise. The truth is that most people will only be happy because your situation does not have them. 10. Always upgrade. 11. Donate. 12. Think about large, but more importantly ACT BIG. 13. Knowing that they will always be problems big and small. 14. Know that you are responsible for your actions and results. 15. Do not waste time. If you do something do it now. (But do it right) 16. Knowing that there are two people who never succeed, those who believe in EVERYONE and ANYONE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN. 17. Know that if you are the leader in your family always show strength. The sadness and misery are like a cancer that leads to destruction. 18. Do not feel sorry for yourself EVER. 19. Be a right person. 20. Knowing that you can do many more things than you think you can do. 21. Read your book Kalila and Dimna – The book of political and sovereign (I recommend it very much) 22. Improve your oral and written language. 23. Practice public speaking and rhetoric. 24. Learn to express your ideas well. Learning to persuade and create a friendly atmosphere around you. 25. Be around people you appreciate and support you. 26. Having a partner who loves you for who you are, not what you can provide. 27. Exercising and keeping the mind cleared periodically. 28. Learn to read this will not help you at all only to implement it in your life.

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