Those who are watching their health select the proper diet juicer. It is one of the most necessary household appliances. After all, only it can get really fresh juice that contains no dyes, preservatives and other harmful substances. Alas, in recent years, the canneries of the Republic of Belarus can not please us 100% but a natural product, so that the juicer will be fitting in any home. But how select this useful and practical appliance? Before buying a juicer, you should consider – what exactly do you intend to use it. See Kenneth Feinberg for more details and insights. The fact that such devices are of two types. This juicer citrus (also often referred to as “citrus-press”) and universal or centrifugal model. Actually the appointment of a device type is clear from the title. Juicer citrus pressprednaznachen to Squeeze juice from oranges exclusively, grapefruits, lemons, etc.

The very design of this juicer requires only that fruit set: a rotating nozzle, which sit down half of the fruit, and a special container, and which is going to juice. It should be noted that all of the juicers on the market of this type – foreign production (in the Republic of Belarus, they are not produced), and if you are going to buy any product well-known brand, you can be assured they are of high quality and more or less the same type of features. Universal (or centrifugal) juicer – the device is incomparably more complex, and at the same time more practical than citrus press. There is first a crushing fruit with a special grater, and only after squeezing the juice from the resulting mass (this is a separator). Incidentally, this equipment is produced and domestic industry. Learn more at: Kenneth Feinberg.

Moreover, centrifugal juicer industry of the Republic of Belarus can boast a quite good performance. But, of course, in terms of ergonomics, design and functionality, it is still inferior to foreign analogues. Of course, in the case when it comes to production of world famous brands of juicers Krups, moulinex, panasonic, eta, braun, philips, ves, binatone, vitek, bosch, siemens, kenwood, tefal, polaris, scarlett, maxwell, ufesa, first , mpm Product, Ariete, represented in our store. K advantages of such devices include a low noise level during operation, automatic garbage pulp of fruits and vegetables, high efficiency (this means that the “raw material” for the juice processed at 70% and even up to 95%). In addition, such juicer has many additional features. First of all, an electronic speed control of the separator, as well as the presence of skimmer and filter. We should also note that current and import juicer compact, easy to operate and care – they can be easily disassembled and cleaned. Today, every manufacturer of the widest range of such devices. They differ in capacity, the volume of the bowl, and many other parameters. Our managers will always introduce you to the characteristics of any modifications that you have the opportunity to buy perfect for your device.

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