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He spent the war hiding in a House, housed sometimes in a wardrobe and even his family came to give dead. He was able to meet with his wife and daughters, in Paris, from where he continued the path of exile, traveling to Mexico in February 1940. There Maria Luisa Elio is related with intellectual exiles such as Emilio Prados, Luis Bunuel, Jomi Garcia Ascot, and also with Mexicans, such as Octavio Paz, Carlos Fuentes, Juan Rulfo and Salvador Elizondo. He studied theatre at the Academy of Seki Sano, participates in the poetry out loud group and collaborates with newspapers and magazines, as the supplement of news and the magazine of the University. He also writes short stories, screenplays and works on Mexican television and in several films. He accompanies her husband on his trip to Cuba, where Garcia Ascot shot two of the five planned episodes of the film history of the revolution (a day of work and the bride and groom). The two episodes filmed, together with new year, performed by Jorge Fraga, compose film Cuba 58 (1962), one of the most significant of the new Cuban cinema.

The Colombian Nobel Gabriel Garcia Marquez devoted his most recognized novel internationally one hundred years of solitude to marriage, with this simple dedication: A. Jomi Garcia Ascot and Maria Luisa Elio. Maria Luisa Elio returns to Pamplona, in the summer of 1970, accompanied by his son Diego, seven years old. Experiences, nostalgia and memories that have emerged on this trip to his novel time crying (1988). I remember everything – tells us the writer-, I remember it as if time had broken it and pieces no longer fit with each other. Later, as the culmination of that trip he published notebook of notes (1995). In exile, the girl of the war made woman, while remembering his homeland, and when he is reunited it, after so many years, exclaims: and I now realize that return is going. Francisco Arias Solis.

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