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Throughout his life, love the dog play, which is noticeable from very small since at the age of three or four weeks, the puppy start playing through the simulation of fighting or hunting, trying to catch his tail or taking things into your mouth, although for them is more than a game since the game the puppy learns the rules of lifeIt is first of all a matter of hunting and survival instinct. The stage in which dogs learn to play is very important to mark his behavior in the future, at this stage of age puppies have to understand that his master, while this one, has a great advantage over them, therefore if we mark them boundaries, they will understand it and will act in the way that his master says, if not the superiority of the master clear them, dogs games can become a nightmare. However need to know as well as show that advantage that master has over his puppy, when master plays with his dog not can suddenly punish him, the dog will not understand it and this will cause feeling of insecurity by dog, hay that know very well how to keep the line educate them without abuse none. The game is the best way to train dogs especially when we then reward them with a good meal for dogs. Article submitted by Jose Rodriguez Marketing and communication to the dog love to play my pet Your last response time blog archive donate 20 tons. dogs affected by them and with them food Nor to Palos internet Marketing Impact of web 2.0 on online marketing and branding.

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