John Fitzgerald Kennedy

He looked at me from a top almost as high as the roof of the landing and asked by Kennedy with an order that gave no opportunity for dialogue: Mister Kennedy Now!. I retrocedi and I stumbled across the Senator who came out. My MOM apologized while my father and Kennedy were fired. Pope still retained cover wound in the head, product of a bombing that suffered the ship Explorer that was, at the beginning of 1944, as Latin American observer in the American fleet. They were conversing about his latest operation and while my mother took me almost for shoving towards the room of the House, I reached heard JFK when my father offered its full support, not only for having participated in the second world war, but by being married to a retired US Army Lieutenant. My mother sat me strongly and was at that time, when I asked my mother what was going to do it with me and my friends, when JFK, peering inward to one side of my father, repeated that phrase, though sweetened and adapted to the situation that I myself had just cause. He directed me to me, who was sitting in front of the entrance: you ask not what you can do your mother for you. Ask yourself what can do you for your mother.

The rest of the ladies and my father also, applauded and celebrated that occurrence of Senator Kennedy. I was stunned and palideci. Be in front of a giant of the world democracy was already quite an event, but I had no notion of his political stature at that time, but that a Senator of the United States of America you see the eyes and you devote a few words, was inconceivable for the era. Since then, every time that I hear or read these words, inevitably return to my childhood, to the beautiful house 457 Jefferson Street in Bethesda, Maryland, and the image of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Senator of the United States of America, speaking to me with those words, a rebellious boy Latino ancestors, black hair and freckles on the cheeksan afternoon of April 1959.

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