Islamic Influence Grows In Latin America

Brechner Jose Lula da Silva will visit Tehran next May, in response to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit in November in which the two exchanged vows. The official candidate for president of Brazil, Dilma Rouseff, a former communist guerrilla, if he wins the election will strengthen the love affair with the ayatollahs, if they do not like women outside the home and without submission to a male. If the Marxist ideologue furious becomes mandatory, Allah will make an exception to protect them in their arms in pursuit of a greater cause: the Jihad. Iran is a sponsor of Hezbollah, the terrorist group infiltrated better America, with presence in Venezuela. Islamic terrorism has spread no further in the hemisphere, because Muslims are primarily trying to make friends, to create support a more powerful force to destroy the libertine South American Satan from her womb.

The last failed attempt to shoot down an Al Qaeda airliner between amsterdam and Detroit as a Christmas gift to the world Christian shows us how vulnerable we are. If European airports and U.S. airlines have no foolproof system to identify passengers, can not imagine what may happen in the southern cone. In 2003, Hasil Mohammad Rahman, was arrested at London’s Gatwick Airport when he arrived in Caracas with a grenade in hand luggage was going to detonate it in flight or at the airport. His recent trips showed a common pathway for several of the 11 terrorist / S. Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan, Germany. The suspect was carrying a Venezuelan passport legitimate.

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