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Dubendorfer IT consulting firm is the first certified partner of provider of scale-out NAS-solutions in the Switzerland of Isilon Systems appoints the runIT AG to Isilon preferred partner gold the runIT AG is the first certified partner of Isilon Systems GmbH in the Switzerland. With the appointment of the IT consulting firm to the Isilon preferred partner gold is the manufacturer of scale-out NAS-solutions consistently continues the expansion of its distribution network in the German-speaking world. The decision for runIT is based on the strategy of the service provider, to offer customers products and solutions, the both from a technical and business perspective provide a demonstrable and sustainable added value. The scale-out NAS-solutions from Isilon Systems fit in this concept, because with their usage, storage environments consolidate and thereby up to fifty percent productivity growth can be achieved. At the same time decreases the administrative burden, as a result, the total cost of ownership by at least 35 percent go back. This in turn the ROI affects, the Payback period of Isilon solutions is according to a study of the U.S. market analysts Forrester Research typically less than four months. The Swiss market in its sights now with runIT AG closed partnership agreement allowing more efficiently to penetrate the Swiss market Isilon.

While the high expertise of the service provider is the manufacturer, based on the comprehensive understanding of the technology and a vision focused on entrepreneurial framework conditions. The success of this approach is reflected in the consultation carried out successfully in a wide variety of industries and integration projects. Started by companies operating in energy, trade and industry, banks and insurance companies, phone companies and the public administration entrusted appropriate archiving solutions numerous customers in the consolidation, virtualization, and establishing highly available storage landscapes and compliance requirements already on the Know-How of Dubendorfer. Added value focuses on the partnership with Isilon, once again underlines the claim of runIT AG exclusively with companies to work together, providing high-quality products with long-term benefits for the customer.

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