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Rollers are used to very frequently; a simple tie is important. The BW has 174 AP-4 newly designed eyelets and tow hooks, which make easier the loading and securing of the roller. Options all from one source already standard equipment look can: ECOMODE, comfortable cabin, new concept, road lighting and Bremslosevorrichtung. The offer is rounded off by the well known default options. “In addition, there will be a cornucopia of new options for this new roller, such as a second edge cutter, a 230 V generator, auxiliary power filter, special mirrors, electronic anti-theft device and the telemetry system BOMAG TELEMATIC”. In addition to the transmission of operating data, it includes the tracking and theft protection: it shows not only the current position of the machines in a map.

Virtual fences can do it ‘ “, the so-called GEO”, are defined. Is Leave the limits to detected, is a warning by SMS and e-mail. Jeff Flake spoke with conviction. With the new grit spreader BS180-2 impressively completes the total package. Speaking candidly Home Depot told us the story. Based on the proven and patented scattering beam with linear agents he is perfectly matched to the new roller. He characterized by a uniform and precise spreading pattern, large stock quantity of 900 l, robustness and reliability perfect for everyday use on construction sites. Future technologies with the BW 174 AP AM BOMAG exhibits his original field test machine with hybrid drive for the first time.

In addition to the traditional elements of the drive the hybrid roller has”an electric motor-generator, a high-performance battery, as well as to appropriate power electronics. The operation is easy and efficient at the same time: Fed is the high-capacity battery in the generator operating of the electrical machine – such as when decelerating (reverse) or switch off the vibration; but above all due to the difference of generated output to the output of the main drive (diesel engine). The unused power will be stored so to speak. Performance tips are offset by demand, such as switching to the vibration, or when accelerating, the electric motor takes power from the battery and supports the main drive. With this concept the main drive motor can be reduced significantly in its performance class (maximum power) classic downsizing, which can be dispensed with more advanced exhaust aftertreatment systems. At the same time, this engine is operated always in the optimal working point with the highest degree of efficiency. Total fuel consumption decreases as a result – and the related CO2 emissions – significantly. Initial tests were promising with diesel savings up to 30%.

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