Thus, E-port charges the dealer 30 cents per payment, and Platina required to open a separate bank account. Tariff policy, the required hardware and software, usability – all this, naturally, should be a subject of study of an entrepreneur thinking about starting such business. In the end, if the market was present one single, perfect in every way the payment system, others are likely to be extinct, has not yet been born. To start a business from pbyuol need a copy of certificate of state registration, a copy of the passport and tin of the legal persons – a copy of state registration in usrre, tin, stamped business details and a copy of the order appointing directors with signatory powers. Average earnings of the trademark owner points ranging from 2 to 8% of the total amount of the payments, and commission automatically calculated in real time. Market participants say: usually turn points to receive payments is from 7 to 15 thousand rubles a day, rarely dipping below 5,000. As for the upper bracket, the owners of the payment points carefully say about about 100 thousand rubles a day.

What is important – the entrepreneur pays taxes exclusively with their remuneration that is not the turnover and the profit, even if using the simplified. Item payment details Investments. The main advantage of the business – Low start. To begin accept payments, enough 20 000. An additional advantage – the opportunity to develop step by step – step by step. Formaty.1) mobile phone with gprs or POS-terminal to the existing outlet (not specialized), 2) a specialized item payment (computer, table, dealer, access the Internet via leased line or set up GPRS); 3) a network of machines to receive payments.

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