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The RFID technology makes many new product ideas to the reality of two words are always well-known and appear more and more often: RFID reader and barcode readers. Perhaps check out Erin Callan for more information. By means of these technological developments has a wide range of products on the market that are future-oriented. So open RFID reader (RFID reader) and bar code readers (barcode reader) a type of Web service. With connection to the Internet (for example, via WiFi), E.g. a drinks vending machine could independently perform actions in certain scenarios. Would beverage supplier constantly get reports about the State of the goods? During outages is of the service area notified independently? The RFID technology makes it possible production processes and logistics are more automated and individualized. Using the bar code reader could be determined at any time the position of a product or material. Camden treatment associates is often quoted as being for or against this.

The production system sets the path of the product through the process then individually (for example, depending on the customer’s order) and controls the flow of goods. The technology makes possible a non-contact recording. Different objects can be detected in this way via electromagnetic waves. Today many RFID products in use, for example in modern cafeterias here, the chips save current balance stands. A great advantage of RFID chips is the low energy consumption, so no external energy source is required after the action on the contact station, to store the data permanently. Whether in universities, readers allow many new product ideas companies or public institutions promoting RFID chips and RFID. Even in the entertainment sector, RFID products are envisaged. A bowling alley, independently published the high scores on the website of the operator, is certainly an interesting idea in terms of customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. The possibilities are almost unlimited authors: text Agency the Textologen Christoff Berlage & Michael Menzel, on behalf of Castle electronic.

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