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the Second strategy must focus in generating more of a contact, in other words, to cause more than a visit to your site, giving him something of value like a very valuable learning or tips that they can use to solve a problem. The possibility that a Prospectus buys in a first contact, is going to depend on the necessity that it then has to acquire that product, and its level of information or knowledge of the same, for example, if somebody purchase a Movable Telephone or a E-Book in a first contact, is because either it has heard speak of that e-book or is very interested in the subject and needs to deepen the more in the same, and the case of the Movable telephone, surely or had seen its characteristics and concluded it would receive that it without problems. But this it is not the General panorama, that is to say, the majority of the clients is not sensitized, even, many are not conscious of their necessity, until it is not spoken to them than the product it does and this is the work of the Marketing of Affiliates the third strategy is to communicate to him to a Sufficient Number of people pertaining to your Niche where they can Locate the product, through your Link of affiliate, this means to take them to the page of the Salesman and it to offer some incentive to him Irresistible if they get to buy, well-known like an ethical bribe. (As opposed to Jeff Flake). The Fourth Strategy is To generate to him a State emergency That it drives to them to buy, this call the experts in the Marketing of Affiliates like the call to the Action. Have Disadvantages the Marketing of Affiliate? If it has Disadvantages, but I must say that insignificant they are compared with the Benefits.

One is that when commercializing a product of another person, you would have to acquire it to know it very well, otherwise you run the risk of recommending a Bad product, and in this way of defrauding the confidence of your public. Another one is that the price puts the salesman or owner of the product, your you enjoy the commission obvious. Now We see which are some of the Advantages of the Marketing of Affiliate? You do not have To realise a product nor is obligatory to buy it (it is recommendable but nonobligatory) you do not have to pay by the affiliation. Beforehand you know how much you are going To win by Sales, You can win By Fixed Sale or Subscriptions. You have Thousands of products Literally to choose is not necessary to be an expert, in Internet Marketing. Campaigns of Marketing of Affiliates are at low cost and with controlled budget. Among others.

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