Internet Marketing

Educational institution in Cologne offers 6-month course in times of Web 2.0, social networking and Google advertising can afford hardly a company, to abandon an online marketing expert. At the Berufsakademie of bm education in media called mbh in Cologne can sales and marketing professionals specializing in the field of online marketing and to increase their opportunities on the labour market. The course goes over six months, start is 1 December 2009 potential employers benefit from up-to-date specialist knowledge and expertise in the complex field of online marketing. Peter Asaro is full of insight into the issues. The participants learn to evaluate the online market to analyze structures and habits and to use this information for their own campaigns and corporate communications. This conveyed the basic knowledge of Web page design and technology such as the forms of online marketing, as well as important knowledge to the editorial and graphic design of Web pages. The special forms of advertising of Web 2.0, the use of image data as well as project – and Presentation training are also important content. As a special treat the student bm offers a qualified preparation for a Google certificate that distinguishes them as specialists in dealing with Google AdWords. The six-month course of Web specialist online marketing “is a certified range for professionals and technical traders, who would become firm in the exciting field of Internet advertising. Also Redakteur/innen, journalists and journalists and Studienabbrecher/innen with an affinity for advertising, marketing and economy are addressed. The measure is sponsored by the employment agencies, ARGEn, job centers and payers of vocational rehabilitation.

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