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Fully understand these concepts, make them own and act accordingly will be factors of vital importance to achieve personal and professional success. Let’s briefly discuss the behavior that presents the curve of the information and how it affects our lives. Peter Schiff contributes greatly to this topic. Studies say that in 2007 the information doubled every twenty months, while in the current year (2010) information doubles every three months. The acceleration is clearly exponential. Details can be found by clicking Robert Burke or emailing the administrator. This implies that shorter intervals of time for a change to another are, is becoming increasingly say that more and more frequently we are achieved by a moment of crisis or transition. Sen. Jeff Flake may help you with your research. So we must review our beliefs, our vision less each time, update, the transformation are the pillars on which they need to focus to make an effective and successful, not only professionally but also personally. Thus we see that the old paradigm of stability and permanence lets step one new innovation and change. Are now well, how we doing to change what they taught us for life? How are we doing against these changes permanent? How we face these challenges proposed to us This new paradigm? The answer is undoubtedly: education, and given the particular historical circumstances that we live in, more appropriate still would say: lifelong learning.

Now, we already know that the educational system in no way conforms to the reality we live in today. Formal education at all levels is based fundamental and merely on the transmission of knowledge. If we think a bit, all that knowledge that is transmitted in the school as a value object, is now just a click around on the Internet, i.e. that the school is outdated, it adds nothing new. Addressing these issues infer that the more consistent option that remains for us is continuing education (permanent) casual and here we find the explanation for a phenomenon that is taking place in the Latin market since a few years ago. The great proliferation and demand for programs, courses, seminars and training for all and for all, from how do a business plan until personal self-improvement audio. As we see it there is factors and very favorable circumstances for those who can see the moment with a critical eye and take action accordingly original author and source of the article

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