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Dear, an Internet entrepreneur. This article is intended for all who want to create your own business! Business is business activities for financial gain. Options for such activities very much, but they can be divided into two groups; 1.Traditsionnoe entrepreneurship, trade, services to the population. 2.Biznes on the Internet! Or in other words e-commerce. That it is necessary to make the traditional business: 1.

Get evidence of an entrepreneur 3-4 days. $ 10 in tax 2. 1-7 days $ 30 3.Arendovat trade pomeschenie1m.kv-$ 30 depending on the type of activity and size of your room. If this production means 100m.kv-1000m.kv price 1m.kv-3-$ 10, if trade in small piece goods, it is necessary to place in the market or mall price changes accordingly 15-100 for $ 1 m 4.Samy expensive item, it is the purchase of equipment for $ 15,000.00 – attachments are not limited. Trade than either relying on the live stream of buyers ot500, $ 00 – attachments are not limited.

And most importantly in this case is the personnel who need to find, employ, and regardless of your income (ie it or not), people need to pay back wages. Imagine for a moment what a complex process to be overcome before your business begins to generate revenue, but not always expected. Make a conclusion, start-up capital is significant, Your employment is constant, income is not stable. 'Electronic commerce (e-commerce) – the term used to refer to commercial activity on the Internet. Provides the ability to make purchases, sales, service service, marketing activities through the use of computer networks. "

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