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Given the importance for any business on the Internet proper use of email as a tool for advocacy and communication, I recommend you pay special attention to this issue. The email is the communication tool used by global Internet because it is easy, fast and free to communicate with current and potential customers through this medium. In fact, what is the first thing you do to access the Internet? Without a doubt, is to look in your mailbox to read your emails! Am I right? Imagine what it is to have a tool that allows you to communicate with hundreds, thousands or even millions of people at once regardless of their location within seconds or minutes. Simply amazing! But to take advantage of this excellent communication tool is necessary to take into account certain basic principles, namely: 1 – Make sure your email message are the taste and interest of the people who will receive, by first little evidence of effectiveness. For example, if you will send an email to 1000 people, it would be advisable to try on first with 10% of that list to find out their reactions, and then verify and confirm its effectiveness then continue with the rest of the emails.

2 – Make sure the mailing list is opt-in, ie they agree in advance to receive information from you. 3 – Personalize your emails. In some tests that have been made has come to light that personalized messages take a better effect on people who receive it. .

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