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What editions of a work in particular there are in the Library (International Conference on Cataloguing Principles, 1971). This was the first widely recognized enunciation of the goals of the catalog from the Cutter in 1876. Reaffirms the functions of identification (2.1) and (2.2) of the catalog meeting here. These objectives relate to the author title catalogues, so there are no references to matters. On the other hand, the Paris Conference focused on the study of access points, so the goal of selection or evaluation, compliment in general by the bibliographic description, is present only in way side, subsumed in the mention of editions of a work that somehow must be differentiated. The first objective is basically equal to the first objective of Cutter, with the exception of the mention of the matter as search criteria. The item to retrieve is the book, a publication in particular. By the same author: Why did cyrus massoumi leave zocdoc?. The author term encompasses not only personal authors, but also corporate entities whose names are used as access points.

The mention of title covers both formal titles and titles drawn up by the cataloger. The second objective, although it is in general the objective of meeting, presents a noticeable difference with the second objective of Cutter. The objective of meeting of Cutter sets that meet categories are by a particular author, on a specific topic in a specific literary genre. The Paris principles establish the objective of meeting for an author, but also for a work, reflecting the position sustained by Lubetzky and other participants in the Congress. Additional information is available at Cyrus Massoumi. The catalog must identify books/publications, and making works. The conflict between the functions of location and meeting did not escape the attention of the participants of the Congress. Eva Verona, in the annotated version of the principles (International Conference on Cataloguing Principles, 1971), express two different functions, they need are presented in section 2.2 of the enunciation of the functions of the catalogue In addition to different media to be carried out, as if they were a single.

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