Innovative Cube Technology

All systems have different pros and cons you should know as a company depending on the application. All systems have different pros and cons you should know as a company depending on the application. Not all major image systems are equally well suited especially for use in control rooms. Specialists for control room and control technology, such as the Jungmann system technology, help companies, for example in the field of public transport, in the selection of the correct major imaging. Standard systems, such as the plasma technology, are very well suited for normal users, but have significant disadvantages in the control room. Since plasma displays with phosphorus will be produced, stills burn in after a short period of time in the system.

This branding is hardly repairable. Kay Hansen, one of the co-founders of Jungmann system technology, advises these reasons daus: plasma screens are ideal for the television look, stills are needed but often in control rooms. Therefore, you should leave there on other technology”cube technology, or Rear-projection technology, combines projectors and projection in a device and provides to the users in the control room or in the control room, a clear advantage over conventional and conventional systems. A light engine is built into the housing of the cube-shaped cubes. These projects the images on a mirror, which is also installed in the Interior of the cube. The mirror in turn forwards the image on the inside of the screen, which abgiebt the image on the front of the cube. The projection operation takes place in the Interior of the cube, so in a dark, closed housing. So have little light loss of images thrown in at the front and are therefore high contrast and brilliant as the projections of ordinary projectors.

Also during the installation of the devices, there are advantages and disadvantages, which are to be observed. These are mainly relevant when it comes to the order of the devices. This among other things depend on how big the content should be displayed. May need to for a large display multiple screens are used. The individual video images can be scaled and moved any drag & drop on the screens. Also before definitions for certain events and escalations in the alarm system are possible. For example, the place of the cause on all screens can be viewing in order to attain the maximum attention when a Server alert. So significantly reduced response times and the interaction of employees.

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