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Participate now! Registration for German startups run. The E12 innovation prize is awarded on November 30 on the E12-Summit in Karlsruhe. Deutsche startups from the eBusiness industry can apply until October 31 with their idea for the price. The E12 Innovation Prize and an exclusive mentoring with one of the largest companies in Germany beckons the winner. The tender is aimed at German start ups, who creatively to meet new challenges in the field of eBusiness and want to actively shape the development together with implementation-capable, sustainable ideas. Awarded the three best ideas for future technologies in the eBusiness industry, breaking with previous concepts or in a surprising manner will continue to develop. The task the winner be determined by the jury in a multi-stage process. Initially all applicants must submit one one to tripartite text, vividly describing their business idea.

From all entries, the three finalists are then determined their idea on November 30 on the 13th E12 Summit in Karlsruhe before the jury may present. The special features there are two peculiarities: the candidates present their ideas in a special Pecha-Kucha format. This means that each of them is to use a presentation that consists of exactly 20 slides. Each of these films is exactly 20 seconds to see and then automatically. In addition, the three finalists must use the modern prezi format. A prezi presentation not as usual consists of individual slides that are called one after the other, but are composed of a single slide. formation.

To the individual elements are arranged can zoomed, scrolled and be turned. There are examples under to see learn. Applications can be submitted until October 31, 2011 via. The price of the E12 Innovation Prize winner wins a coaching with a mentor of the partner companies of the E12 Summit, that he can find himself. The mentor will support actively the winner company and him at the Guide next steps.

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