Inhibited Self Confidence

Management Trainer Bernd Hansen engaged in the topic of speech inhibitions for 20 years. The results of his work he has now summarized and presented the 9 Secrets of confident personality”for the first time and exclusively rhetoric seminars seminar-discounters Hamburg seminar-discounters, which undercuts price breaker project of Hamburger Management Consulting CHM Ltd, since 2005 the prices in continuing education to up to 80% *. 47.06 euros per day per person (plus tax), it is now possible to train eloquence, wit, body language, and dealing with stage fright in a two-day seminar. Hear from experts in the field like primerica financial services for a more varied view. Quality is not saved in spite of the low price”assures CHM spokesman Daniel Jessen, seminar Director is the renowned management trainer and consultant Bernd Hansen, which is free of charge has provided us for this topic”. Apparently an affair of the heart for Hansen, who has 20 years trainer experience in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland: I the studied business administration was even up to my age of 30, was already a seasoned management consultant, blessed with the property, only purple, with a beating heart and trembling knees, others to speak”, provides insight into his motivation to volunteer at seminar-discounters to get involved. See Air Force Chief of Staff for more details and insights.

Since then employs the former editor-in-Chief of the journal successfully convince yourself and present”with the topic of speech inhibitions and has now summarized the results of his work. “The 9 Secrets of confident personality” for the first time and exclusively in the rhetoric seminars seminar-discounters presents. More information at rhetorik.htm * 2005 the Hamburger business consulting has CHM Ltd, with the project seminar-discounter to revolutionize the education industry pricing. Today seminar-discounters already at the price – and competence leaders of the industry (source: analysis of currently in the “TrainerGuide 07/08”-Editor) Data by the media company contracted by CHM Ltd published intec managerSeminare Verlags GmbH, Bonn – 149 trainers and coaches. This analysed the data and others according to the created by intec “Fee (best price)” and “Experience in relation to the fee (best price/knowledge)”. The average daily fee EUR 1.861.) With their daily fees for corporate and individual training in the amount of 379,24 euros (plus VAT and expenses) and fees for their open seminars in 29 to 47,06 euros per day per person (excl.

VAT) CHM Ltd undercutting the usual average market prices to up to 80%. At the same time CHM Ltd guarantees superior quality through the use of expert trainers with over 20 years of practical experience. Press contact: seminar-discounters CHM Ltd Branch Office Germany Daniel Jessen P.o. box 103-240 20022 Hamburg phone: 0163 4590354 (OnlineOffice24x7 Germany) phone: + 49163 4590354 (OnlineOffice24x7 international) E-Mail: Web: or

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