Operators of hacks notable cell phone encryption solutions: 3 of 16 uncertain r Munich, January 27, 2010 YouTube videos show, how easy trick out the cell phone encryption solutions of well known manufacturer. The recordings are available on the website of Here, the hackers known under the pseudonym Notrax approached the evidence in Word and image that almost all well-known programs are insecure. Add to your understanding with S&P. Very few have proved unbreakable by the previously tested solutions on average only every fifth is safe. Also the software PhoneCrypt by SecurStar is among the winners of the test. Mobile phones and phones are increasingly becoming the target of eavesdropping and manipulation, whether through industrial espionage, or State site. The resulting security requirements have detected some manufacturers and offer therefore encryption solutions, which are designed to provide protection against interceptions.

In theory they don’t give all high security in practice but still long. This shows the attack test. The hacker took the usability and price under the microscope all currently known mobile phone and phone encryption solutions in their current releases with regard to its security, the features. Even the most expensive among them not stood up almost all of the safety inspection. According to Notrax conducted hack is based on a self-developed Trojan, as well as the freely accessible program of Flexispy.

Thus, it is possible to listen to the microphone and the speaker of a mobile phone, as well as to read SMS. A good security solution should prevent exactly this\”, explains Wilfried Hafner, Managing Director of the SecurStar GmbH. test passed SecurStar hacker attack can withstand the PhoneCrypt solution by SecurStar could not be bypassed according to Infosecurityguard and was found to be safe.

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