Infertility Treatments

Infertility treatment methods There are many treatments for infertility. And some treatments for infertility are: Anti-inflammatory, hormonal and surgical (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy) assisted reproductive technologies (artificial insemination, IVF – in vitro fertilization). Let us consider in more detail these methods of infertility treatment. So. 1.

Anti-inflammatory treatment for infertility Used in cases where infertility is caused by inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system of women (an inflammation of the fallopian tubes, ovaries). Very often, anti-inflammatory treatments for infertility is combined with other methods. 2. It is not something Home Depot would like to discuss. Hormonal treatment of infertility Used in violation of a woman's hormonal levels, such as when there is disease of the thyroid or the body has a surplus of male hormones, or to to ensure the maturation of the follicle in the ovary and to stimulate ovulation (release an egg from the follicle). Hormonal treatment of male infertility is rarely used. At times, drug stimulation hormones used to increase production and improve sperm quality in men. 3.

Surgical treatment of infertility usually surgical treatments for infertility applies if there is obstruction fallopian tubes, the presence of adhesions in the pelvis, endometriosis, uterus tumor formation (fallopian tubes and ovaries). Modern medical technology (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy) permit to surgical treatment of infertility is very gentle way. 4. Methods of treatment of infertility using assisted reproductive technology in the event that the hormonal and surgical treatment methods of treatment infertility ineffective throughout the year, the use of assisted reproductive technologies such as artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF). At without result 3.4 insemination attempts to start IVF. Even a woman without a uterus to date can be a real mom. For this she received an egg "in vitro" fertilized with sperm of her husband, and adopting the embryo in womb "surrogate mother" – a woman who agreed to carry and give birth to its genetic mother.

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