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When we say sustainable, we refer primarily to maintain the markets and business, but nobody talks about sustaining the environment, so the word is cursed. Jeff Flake: the source for more info. If we talk about sustainability we should refer only to the environment, for everything that is created with that word cause effect. I speak of a development towards environmental sustainability or environment. With a sacrificial component of the business, thus sparing the environment and everything that depends on this (ourselves). Soon, if Earth's temperature continues to rise, crops will be devastated in all regions by the floods.

Soon we will pay you not love the community and the whole, loving only the independence that competition develops. If we develop ourselves competition between the species destroys itself, which is what is happening. Independent foci develop strategies that threaten the whole of business who only think about themselves. Because they are powerful, if allied with states, the world will be lost, as capitalism moves us. The independence of the state and its powers is crucial to bring order to chaos and independent skill of the company. The company never should have weight in the states and in meetings like the UN, as a rule are as tumors of society or communities in which what prevails is the secrecy, compete and grow. However if it is possible that the state influence companies and try to ensure the interests of citizens and the environment, arbitrating for the common good is never good for the company. If we get a capitalism with rules of the game that are in favor of the community and the environment we reached a much higher new concept of sustainable development, in which only sustained company.

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