Increasing Problems

The factor differentiator enters ecodesenvolvimento and sustainable development favor this last one how much to its globalizante dimension in such a way since the side of the questioning of the ambient problems, as since the optics of the reactions and solutions that are formulated by the society. The sustainable development is not mentioned specifically to an limited problem of ecological adequacies of a social process, but to a strategy or multiple model for the society, that must take in account ecological a economic viability in such a way. In a reflection in this direction, she is necessary to perceive the existence of a set of technological, cultural, economic and partner-ambient restrictions, on which effectively the real possibilities of practical application of these premises depend. Between the theory and practical Many of these efforts they had been emptied or they had lost impulse during years 80, although the increasing performance of the ambientalista movement, in virtue of the centralidade that assumes the economic crisis. However, it fits to stand out that if in the practical land the subject was emptied, the same did not occur in the theoretical plan, the measure where vast intellectual and scientific production was developed, of which the approach of the sustainable development is contracting party. In the two following decades, main the determinative one for the increasing confluence of two sources? economicista and ambientalista? it had mainly to the advance of the ambient crisis, on the other hand, and to the deepening of the economic and social problems for the majority of the nations. Amongst the world-wide transformations in these two decades, those tying with the ambient degradation and the increasing inaquality between regions assume a prominence place that strengthened the importance to adopt projects integrators. They are articulated, therefore, of a side, the impacts of the economic crisis of 80 years and the necessity to rethink the existing paradigms; of another one, the alarm given for the phenomena of global heating and the destruction of the ozone layer, amongst other problems.

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