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If it is antirust with converter, better. If the color of the antirust is not desired, wait to dry thoroughly (this step is essential, it is preferable to postpone the work for the next day if necessary), and pintas it of the color you want, always using synthetic enamel. Remember that there are Matt, silk and glossy, and that changes a lot the aspect of furniture depending on what you choose. Not much load the brush because then it drips and is difficult to correct. It is preferable to wring it out well and if it does not cover first hand, give two or three to make it perfect. Let’s have patience! ** If your furniture you love but is chopped so much rust, not what tires! I went to a blacksmith in confidence: surely he may replace damaged by a new sheet metal part. And don’t forget that the latter requires the same hands of antirust that an old, before the final color.

** If you have found a skeleton of iron chair lying on the sidewalk, it is your chance to create your own Chair. Again, I went to your confidence blacksmith and confermations back a round, oval, square, or the shape that you want (such as the round photo, ideal seat for a special corner of the House).What is broken, soldering! Object can be one of the most special items in your House. ** It is essential to add feet to the legs of iron furniture. Otherwise we run the risk of scratching the floor (especially if it is made of wood). Abroad, for example, often leaving small traces of rust, not leaving to go. The guards get at many hardware stores; simply take the measurement of the diameter of the legs of the object in question. Original author and source of the article

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