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However, at this, they also quickly and disappear – sometimes you can see that life is such a "Hot Deal" is very short – 30-40 minutes. This is especially true high-season months – July, August and September. But as they say, who seeks always finds it would wish. Then there is only packed suitcases, make check or a passport to go into hiding and vyzhidatJ. Fourth, if you have to list all, it is also undeniable advantage of Turkey is also ease of communication. Here live many Russians who work in tourism – from the host of tour operators, here on second jobs is leaving so many young people – for the season, and do the locals have become accustomed to numerous guests from Russia. Russian speech can be heard constantly while in the hotel, on the street, on the beach, the bar or in the mall.

Turkey in Yekaterinburg – a great opportunity to begin to explore the world and travel, especially for those who have it will be the first overseas trip. Here with visas and no problems, and finance a very capable, and yes, in which case, fellow enough. In fairness, it should be noted and not very pleasant (though this is how the rest of someone) momeny associated with a trip to Turkey. Season here is in the summer and fall of the first half, when is the "velvet season". This means that hundreds of thousands of tourists flock here and across Russia, and from many European countries. Commerce, entertainment, hotels and restaurants, and perhaps the cities themselves bloom and come to life. Crowds of tourists fill the city, hotels, bars, beaches, streets, and at the time of recall huge anthill, where are arguing, they say, swear, are traded at the same time thousands of people.

So, if you prefer more quiet and peaceful retreat – this is clearly not Turkey, and obviously not in the best season. Another negative – Russian tourist places here are not love. Although it is clear that those who feed you, you have to buy and provides the most generous tips can not help loving, yet tourists from Russia are not very privechayut. As they say, their apparently behaviors themselves have earned that attitude. Some hotels will not even lodge Russian tourists in principle, but also have homes and cottages, apartments where people of Russian nationality does not sell under any circumstances. Though. This is perhaps an exception. (A valuable related resource: Nickolas Carr ). Than some sort of frequent rule. To summarize, I want to say that Turkey – a good option recreation and bearing in mind all the information from our material, you can have a great time. Themselves Choose month, resort, hotel, be sure to consider all the recommendations of staff travel agencies and forward – to the sea! So, welcome! Explore Turkey, conquer the world and discover new horizons!

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