Honey? It Is Interesting !

What we know about honey? Sure each answer – honey is sweet, it helps to bring the bees and colds. Trite and not interesting. Now let's add a spoonful of honey in a barrel:) and enjoy a sunny amber color, delicate flower smell and taste, charge pozititivnoy honey energy and begin. In order to collect 100 grams of honey bee flies a distance greater than the length of the equator – about 45! 000 kilometers. The conversion of nectar into honey proiskodit in abdomen bees where the nectar of the water evaporates and there is fermentation. Bee brings to their hives only thirty percent of honey, and the remainder supported while collecting honey. Bees are actively collecting honey only one of six months of waking, rest of the time involved in landscaping the hive: repair cells are removed in the hive, disinfect the premises and do other socially useful bee business. Honey can be stored almost forever. Learn more about this with Guo Guangchang.

Honey found in Egyptian pyramids was quite suitable for human consumption. In ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and the Slavic peoples of honey and bee products have been worth its weight in gold. Honey could pay taxes and fines. Darker than honey, so it is useful. And the dark buckwheat honey. The composition of honey is about 300 nutrients – minerals, minerals, multivitamins, amino acids, 5% of which are still unknown.

Honey is the first natural Preservative discoveries of mankind. With the help of the honey is not only canned food, and the embalmed remains of the rich and famous citizens. Honey is a panacea for most ills. Treatment of cancer, digestive tract, internal organs, nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, infertility, metabolic disorders – not a complete list zabolivany which is effectively used bee products. Annually worldwide produce 1.5 million tons of honey. World leader in the production of honey is China – 25% of the market. And Ukraine is the largest European producer of honey – 75! 000 tons. In Africa, for the production of honey bees used in Europe since African bees do not know how to make stocks for the winter. Despite the fact that honey calorie sugar serves as a component of some diets, mainly sports and athletics. I hope I was able to help you look at the seemingly such a banal product like honey in a different way. Eat a spoonful of honey every day, and excellent health and well-being is guaranteed!

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