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Foam concrete – it is a light porous concrete, which is made of cement, sand, water and foam Moreover, the foam can be created using conventional washing powder. Foam provides the solution necessary content air and even distribution of the material. Once the solution dries, inside the concrete form closed cells filled with air. The house of a construction material is being built directly on construction site using the provided hardware. As it turns monolithic design house of aerated concrete blocks. Check with Jeff Flake to learn more.

The building of foam trim a variety of building materials – facing brick, stucco exterior, covered acrylic-latex paint, siding. Buying even a finished house of foam, you can always give your dwelling a unique appearance. But obkladyvat brick exterior is optional. When unit of aerated concrete wall with facing brick water vapor passing through concrete, facing a more dense material and are concentrated at the border. This leads to the destruction of the material, the appearance of black spots on the inner surface of the walls. To avoid this, the device must be ventilated air layer 40 mm thick with a carrier base for the entire width of the wall.

In other climatic zones depending on the individual project walling can be performed as follows. Aerated concrete blocks of thickness 20 cm with a finish exterior paint on silicate basis, from the inside walls – brick clay common M75 25 cm thick, without air gap, with the ligation between a masonry net number of units every 2 or 5-ring anchors the A-1 with a diameter b – 8 mm in increments no greater than 50 cm in a checkerboard pattern. " clutch: 120mm facing bricks, or normal (depending on the project), aerated concrete blocks 20 cm, 12 cm brick clay common M75, without air gap. Using materials of the same density in the outer and inner layers provides passage of water vapor pressure, increases the rigidity and allows for any constructive solutions for shut-off devices. It is also possible the device with any kind of facade decoration and trim and the use of foundation blocks of thickness 40 cm in width While the difference between the foundation and the wall is governed armopoyasom a ledge inside. We strongly recommend you to all your projects before beginning construction of check in Designer-estimator after giving him all the raw materials of the project.

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