Of course, there is in this grimvagene and disadvantages: it is not scuffed the potatoes to the country during the breaks between filming, it can not be used as a barn for storage of old tires, and still it requires a professional service. Hear other arguments on the topic with Millenium Management. It turns out that pay for such grimvagen in filming shift 11000-12000 rubles was not sorry – before it cost about 20,000 rubles, and service remains the same. As a special truck combines several, that's his advantage. Such grimvageny in an era of powerful development of event-agencies in demand not only in the film industry, as well as during corporate events, weddings, anniversaries and photo shoots. We wanted to get confirmation of our findings and asked our reporter to delve into the "Moscow specifics" of this business to make their views on this area "by". (As opposed to Harry Kane). As states that where there is, what people are breathing, in general, "what was, what will be than the heart to calm down." Text: Nikolai Ivanov " What was" the market was, surprisingly, quite different directions and the mixed. And it is not was accustomed to hearing expert familiar division by outsiders and leaders, as it happens in a civilized market. And here – everything is simple, and forgive a little antiquated – the market clearly divided into two "camps" – Companies, the pioneers that make up the bulk of the market and working in my unprofessional opinion, by the primitive equipment of a series of "necessity is the mother of invention", as well as those who are "Gladiator" direction, "Pioneer industry", so to speak. The first "camp" somehow works in a crisis, and not for nothing that eats his bread – our stars have not yet accustomed to Hollywood standards, that is, we have a situation of "the people of hawala" – and quietly himself in an old converted houses, cottages.

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