The writing of History: Of the positivismos to the ones after-modernismos. So Paulo. Swarmed by offers, Primerica financial services is currently assessing future choices. Cite-Brazil, 2010. Jose Ribeiro Coast * chapter V comes arguing the subject After-Modernismo and the Priority of the Language, in this Aurell opens speaking on the Seventies as period for development of the historiografia, in the context of the cultural revolution, that stops some mark the birth of the one after-modernismo. He presents the concept of after modernity from the perspective of the language as appropriation of the historiografia. He observes that the biggest difficulty of the movement after-modern is of its metodolgica and epistemolgica setting, therefore after-modernismo is a set of epistemologias and methodologies, more than what an intellectual chain properly.

still points that the biggest problem of the one after-modernismo historiogrfico is without a doubt the lack of references in the practical one, that is, if it speaks very in after-modern, it has much theoretical attitude, however it does not have a practical reference with respect to workmanships or speech that they are affirmed as such historiogrfica chain. However this can be considered strongest critical to the one after modern. However, data are positive, therefore after-modernismo it offers the historian who its principles serve to correct errors of vision, more severity of analyzes, better contextualizao and conscience on the objetividade of interpretation. The dialogue to interdisciplinar in the Seventies is intense in the seio of social sciences, looking for to surpass the projects of the estruturalismo and the historical materialism. In full century XX history passes for a transformation, and evolves since the limits taxes for disciplines until a theoretical reflection to interdisciplinar, supported in the study of the epistemologias and intellectual chains. The result appears of a study each subtler time of history, because the historians reflect on the social context, institucional and politician. The field of the lingustica enriched the relations between history and anthropology, producing a triple relation, whose, it becomes understandable the historical evolution.

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