Highquality Thermal Insulation Material

Polystyrene – a new material on the market of building technologies. He appeared on the market about ten years ago. The processes of manufacturing products from this building material is continuously enriched with innovations, and this Why is expanding the range of their practical application. Polystyrene is the material component, similar in its functionality to a cellular concrete. Due to the properties, composition, and constantly improving production methods the material boasts many virtues and has several strengths over other concrete and reinforced concrete products. Polystyrene with low density has remarkable characteristics fortress, is not subject to deformation under load, can boast low thermal conductivity and an enviable soundproofed. Polystyrene fire safe and reliable to the level of other insulating compounds, as has improved performance on chemical parameters, frost resistance, water resistance and biological stability.

Recent years, more attention is paid not only the thermal wall construction standards, but also comfort stay in the building. And here in this material are hard to find a competitor. By determining the comfort aspects like vapor permeability and the inertia of heat it meets the wooden material, changing its thickness, there to achieve the desired heat resistance. It should be noted that the combination of blocks of polystyrene in the walls with the usual foam neutralizes these properties. Their remarkable properties are well manifested in the monolithic structure (often made on the construction site), and in the form of masonry components (blocks of polystyrene). For example, in housing construction, including high-rise, blocks of polystyrene is now routinely used for the production of filler parts.

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