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The Internet portal of the hobby factory provides support on the Assembly line, but not by assembly-line artists and amateur artists! The author help of the hobby factory is committed to the target to accompany authors and authors in the planning and implementation of their writing projects and support. In this context the author offers to help a text and manuscript assessment complemented through exercise booklets on different topics of creative writing. But with the completion of a book manuscript, the work for the author is not done yet. Because then it comes to present the book on the market and to establish. Just Nachwuchsautorinnen and authors are often unsure in this area and need professional assistance. Therefore, the hobby factory extended from immediately her offer to services to the presentation and marketing of a book.

These performances are interesting especially for those authors who lay her book itself. Auch publishers are often grateful if the author himself initiatives to market his book takes. The comprehensive services of the hobby factory experts range after the publication of press releases from popular press portals by writing the marketing and presentation texts (E.g. blurb, text on the rear cover, press releases, flyers, ads, newspaper articles, Internet pages u.v.m.) about handling press inquiries and the sending of information material requests. Depending on the request, complete packages can be put together so that the author himself to nothing to worry. Of course, the author can afford also work, by it E.g. blurbs, press releases, etc.

written himself and this then leaves the hobby factory experts to review and optimize. This way, the author will receive quick help for the small purse. The hobby factory team is looking for authors and authors who care for them, constantly interesting book projects that thematically fit into the program of the Pascu-Verlag (www.hnb-verlag.de). Those who can write professionally, waving an author contract. Contact: hobby factory woman Heidelinde Nurnberger Machnowerstr. 27a, 14165 Berlin Tel 030-845 92 661, fax 0321-212-97-293,

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