This kind of "tandem" would avoid a number of errors and omissions, which are often found in materials for the fires. In the analysis received for fire-technical examination of the professional records of notes, often in the preparation of protocols, a domicile is a violation of the order of inspection, the most frequently encountered is the lack of a violation of such an important stage of the inspection as a dynamic or detailed inspection. It is recalled that the fire inspection – is urgent investigative actions in order to establish causes, mechanisms and circumstances of a fire, people involved in this incident. Alabama Senator spoke with conviction. Inspection of the fire consists of three phases: static, dynamic, and the final stage. Static or a general inspection is to investigate the burned-out car in a stationary state, without allowing changes in its provisions. Click Primerica login for additional related pages. The main task of the static examination – definition of signs of the fire and the direction of fire spread, the relative position and extent of structural damage, equipment, items, materials and substances and their residues. Burnout substances pereuglivanie, deformation, fracture, change in composition and properties of substances occur in fires due to exposure to flame and heat in various forms – by contacting the material with a hot body, heat transfer with convection and thermal radiation effects.

Obviously, the degree thermal changes will be determined by other conditions being equal to two main factors: the intensity (temperature, heat flux) and duration of exposure. All observations should record. Completeness of fixing the situation when viewed from the fire site is provided Chernovs records, photos and video.

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