Hair Dye Use

People want to paint the hair for various reasons. Some people do not like it or not is the natural color of hair, some want to give your hair a fashionable color, because there is a fashion not only for clothes and makeup, and hair styles and color on hair, many people want to get rid of gray hair. To choose a new hair color and type of paint is affected by many factors. This is, first of all, the appearance of man – the color of eyes and skin, natural hair color. But getting the right paint can and without taking into account the quality of the hair – their length, thickness, number of gray hairs. There are no people with similar hair, so different people at coloring hair the same color can give different results. Even one person may have different quality hair.

The longer the hair, the more they were exposed to various external influences (they are washed, dried, stacked). Therefore, older long hair usually react to the dye differently than the short and young. Influences the choice of paint and staining method and the density of hair, for areas with thicker hair, use more colors and more careful of its application. As we have said, the choice depends on your paint colors appearance. For example, eye color can be warm (green, brown or blue with golden inclusions) or cold (brown with black speckles and blue with white or blue dots). People with a cold color Eye suitable cold and neutral colors of hair, people with a warm color of eyes – warm.

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